Schmidt Ocean Institute is excited to build collaborations that help achieve mutual goals of training the next generation of marine scientists and broadening access to and participation in the marine sciences.

Deep Ocean Education Project

The Deep Ocean Education project merges the work of Schmidt Ocean Institute, Ocean Exploration Trust, and the NOAA Office of Ocean Exploration and Research to concentrate our most engaging resources for educators in one space. Combining standards-aligned student activities, high-resolution images and videos, stories from the field, and information needed to stay up-to-date on ocean expeditions, the website aims to make deep sea education accessible to all. The website was formally launched in 2021, offering resources in English and Spanish, and has resulted in 312 educator accounts since going live.

University of Chicago Data and Computing Summer Lab

The University of Chicago’s Center for Data and Computing, which teaches students to become the next generation of data scientists, worked with Schmidt Ocean Institute for the first time as part of their Data Science Institute (DSI) Summer Lab program to create machine learning models that produced valuable analysis on our ROV video library. Two Master´s students, Danielle Allen and Cole Bryant, and one undergraduate student, Isabele Vitorio, developed models that tag ROV SuBastian video images with valuable classification information. They also developed a separate model which identifies interesting images from the videos and auto generates a highlight reel from longer dive videos. SOI plans to continue working with DSI’s incoming students to develop this project further.